A flickr trial…

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A flickr slideshow of Great Dixter made by its visitors.


A weekend, a trip, and a countdown.

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I can’t believe there are only 2 weeks until I have to pack up the car and head down south. It’s all a bit scary.

I hope they aren’t expecting me to know all the names of the plants. At a push I can do the genus but the species name is out for all but the most obvious of specimens…. Hopefully it’ll be a chance to learn some new things anyway. I’m quite good at remembering the names of stuff if someone tells me in the first place!

So this weekend we have been on a pilgrimage to Newcastle for a house party. Cocktails, dancing, a lot of groin-thrusting by a certain geordie (much to Mike’s disgust) – and fortunately not too much of a hangover! (For once).. today I am TIRED.

A while

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Well, I checked earlier on and it turns out I haven’t done this for a while. My last blog was in 1996. And what has happened since then?

So, about me.

I am a  27 year old, married (that’s a new one) girl (lady/woman sounds too grown up). No children. Living in Liverpool for the next 3 weeks when I will be returning to the south- to a job at a fantastic garden called Great Dixter. My husband hasn’t got a job yet. Fingers crossed he will soon. He has an interview tomorrow.  

I am lucky. I mean, imagine getting a job like that.  Fantastic, but very daunting. Arguably the late Christopher Lloyd is (not was) the most influencial gardener of our (I should say his) generation. Or so they say. I mean, I’ve actually only been to Great Dixter once; and that was in January- so his (or I should say Fergus Garret and his team) world-famous zany tropical plantings were not in evidence (apart from the bananas in the interview room- tucked up warm for the winter).

I have a lot to learn.